Battle of the Buildings brings Johnnies together

Marybeth Gerdelman, Contributing Writer

Signs were painted and displayed in Montgoris, T-shirts were made and teams were assembled – all that was left to decide was which team would win bragging rights for the year as the friendly competition that is Battle of the Buildings took place on Sunday, Oct. 16.

A crisp fall afternoon brought out St John’s students living both on and off campus to participate in the annual event.

Preparation for this SJU tradition began weeks in advance. The first order of business was to decide a theme.  

“Every year we decide on a new theme and what changes we want to make for a better experience,” said Claribel Azcona, Residence Life Director. “This year we went with the Harry Potter theme.”

For the entire week leading up to the competition, Harry Potter themed banners for each residence hall that were creatively designed by the members of the Hall Councils were displayed in the dining hall for all students to admire.  

Anticipation continued to grow leading up to the day of competition. The afternoon centered around athletic events such as basketball, flag football and volleyball, but also included trivia games, tug-of-war, and a pie eating contest for those with a big sweet tooth.

Approximately a hundred students came out to support the participants, the residence pathway was lined with arcade games, food trucks, a photo booth and a DJ for all to enjoy.  

“Battle of the Buildings was super fun to watch,” said freshman Emily Evans. “I especially enjoyed the tug-of-war.”  

From scoring touchdowns in football, to stuffing their faces with pie, the efforts that St. John’s students made to bring honor to their residence halls was undeniable, however St. Vincent Hall and the Townhouses finished out the day as the 2016 Champions of Battle of the Buildings.

For students, like freshman Caylee Goldberger, who experienced their first Battle of the Buildings, competitive events like these only made their enthusiasm for the school grow.

“It was great attending my first Battle of the Buildings,” Goldberger stated. “Seeing all those who came out to participate in the various games and activities makes me realize that we’re truly all winners.”