Meet St. John’s campus dietitian: Lauren Marino



Lauren Marino is the new campus dietitian.

Suzanne Ciechalski, Editor-in-Chief

Adjusting to meals in college can be a difficult task for any student, but thanks to the University’s new campus dietitian, settling on the right meals has gotten a bit easier.

Lauren Marino is a registered dietitian who worked in the New York City hospital system prior to coming to St. John’s.

With a master’s degree in nutrition and food science and clinical experience, she decided to move on to more preventative nutrition and education.

Now, as the campus dietitian at St. John’s, she’s helping students navigate their own nutrition, all while holding wellness fairs and other events, such as a monthly “superfood” table.

“The biggest things that I offer to students is free, one-on-one, confidential appointments, covering whatever nutritional issues they may have,” Marino said.

Some of the issues she covers can be, but are not limited to, weight loss, weight gain, allergies and specialized diets.

“Majority of times, [students] are just looking to change their eating and lifestyle habits,” she said. “Especially freshmen, transitioning maybe from home where they didn’t have to worry about making food choices, to now, they’re at Montgoris, they’re a little overwhelmed, they don’t know what’s best for them to choose. So I’m sort of guiding them through that process.”

One thing she doesn’t do, however, is help students create a specific diet plan.

“I hate doing it and it’s not useful,” she said. “I like to give them freedom.”

Marino said a lot of what she does with students is introduce them to new food, and help them identify what better choices are.

Students from out-of-state or international students might not be accustomed to the types of food choices that are available in the city.

“That’s like one of the most exciting parts of the job for me, watching students experience something that they thought may have tasted gross, but they actually like it,” she said.

For students to learn more about nutrition, Marino runs “super food” tables in different dining locations on campus every Thursday.

The superfood changes each month, and the location changes each week, she said.

March’s superfood is leafy greens.

“I just do samplings of different recipes, give information about the superfood, what makes it a superfood, things like that,” she said.

Marino publishes weekly newsletters online, and also said she honors requests from students.

Her office is located in the Health Center in the back of DaSilva Hall, and students can make an appointment with her either by calling the office, or by scheduling an appointment online.

“[Students] should take advantage of my services, because when they graduate and they’re in the real world, insurance doesn’t cover it!” she joked. w“I think it is important to learn about diet and lifestyle changes now when you’re young and before things develop.”