Red House Hosts 12th Annual Fashion Shows: Seven Deadly Sins

Alexis Gaskin, Staff Writer

The 12th annual Red House Fashion show was held this past Monday, in Carnesecca Arena. Dozens of students, staff and community members were in attendance to participate in the interactive fashion show, along with a traditional catwalk.

At $7 a ticket, Red House offered a 17-minute window where people could get in for free. This resulted in a line out the door and many braving the cold just to attend.

Freshman Nathalie Payen was one of the lucky few who got in for free. Payen was excited about the different structure of the show and the exciting theme.

“They’re really playing on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ theme with the different structure,” she said.

This year’s theme was influenced by the Seven Deadly Sins. Latoya Nurse, vice president of Red House, said that the experience was meant to have an impact on the audience.

“It’s supposed to inflict some inner feeling of sins that you don’t want to think about,” Nurse said. “Showing people their different vices.”

This year’s show took the traditional fashion show to a more creative concept, according to Red House Secretary Wyett Woodbury.

“The Seven Deadly sins are showed through interactive rooms, with standing models representing a different sin: lust, sloth, greed, wrath, vanity, gluttony and envy,” Woodbury said.

With the late start, the exhibits and runway lasted two hours with a runway show featuring three local designers. According to Woodbury, diversity and representation are very important to Red House. That was taken into consideration when choosing models and designers.

“We want people to feel comfortable in their own skins,” Woodbury said.

Many of the students and staff were excited about the show and thought the interactive rooms were a great addition.

Students like Isaac Ebanks especially liked the booth representing Vanity.

“I enjoyed that [Vanity] room because of the photo booth,” he said.  “It’s really cool how they made it so interactive with the models and theme.”

Hosted by students Carl Fetiere and Tahmir Williams, the runway portion featured over a dozen models, including students Tope Ayo and Sophia White.  

The show featured designs from Laced Array and Jane Ifegwu of Ezinne Designs. The pieces from Laced Array featured lace and sequin dresses, pants and tops.

Ifegwu embraced her Nigerian heritage by including designs featuring African prints in two-piece outfits and dress shirts worn by the male student models.

The show ended with the models from the interactive portion of the show taking their turn on the runway, embodying the Seven Deadly Sins.

Sabyne Santiago was excited to participate in her first fashion show with Red House. The opportunity to a part of it was one thing for her, but the way she felt after was what made the night memorable.

“I was so honored to be able to participate in the show and be a part of something like this,” Santiago said. “It was so much fun and made me feel fierce.”