Update on Nine St. John’s Fraternity Brothers Arrested

Isabella Bruni , Managing Editor

The nine St. John’s students who were arrested in the fall stemming from an off-campus fraternity home invasion and theft incident have either had their records cleared or are in the process of doing so, a spokeswoman for Queens district attorney’s office said.

Three of them no longer appear in the New York State Unified Court System online database, meaning their records have been expunged. The spokeswoman said information regarding the defendants Brandon Wong and Matthew Cerniglia “is no longer public record.”

The remaining six defendants — Nicholas Crocco, Anthony Vithayathil, Sebastian Williams, Jefferson Espinal, Patrick Brown and Paul Holze — are going through a legal process called an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal following their burglary charges. An ACD is a deal that will lead to their charges being dropped as long as they remain out of legal trouble for a set period of time. Some of them return to court March 15 and some others June 6.

The arrests occurred following what New York City Police said in the fall was a Sept. 26 off-campus home invasion incident that occurred at the unofficial fraternity house for the now terminated Kappa Sigma. All but one of the nine students who were arrested have ties to the also terminated Tau Kappa Epsilon.

More information on the remaining defendants’ cases can be found through the New York State Unified Court System online database.