Highlights from SGI Latest Assembly Meeting



SGI held an assembly meeting on Oct. 21 with special guest Dr. Hutchison, an update on Greek Life’s budget and information on exciting events coming up. 

Dr. Hutchison, vice president of Student Affairs, thanked the organizations, committees and SGI for all of the hard work they are doing. She wanted to remind everyone on the importance of collaboration and how getting more involved helps the overall outcome. Lastly, she spoke on how each person in the room is creating leaders and doers throughout the school through their collaboration and event efforts. 

During campus dialogue, a student brought up a transportation issue that occured at the Breast Cancer Walk this past Sunday. Logistical issues with the bus ride home left many students stranded for over an hour, including some SGI members, leaving them to Uber back to campus. The student asked whether people could receive a reimbursement for the alternate transportation. Nia Gumbs, treasurer of SGI, said how she was one of the frustrated students and suggested people email SGI if they had this issue. If a high amount of students respond with this issue, reimbursements may be possible. 

During E-board reports, Vice President Clyde Drayton announced that Power 2 Organize is moving forward in the new Org process. Acceptances for the next round were sent out on Oct. 21. First presentations will be held this weekend. On Nov. 4 Orgs will be voted on in the last round. In addition, he reminded committees to establish their bylaws. 

Nia Gumbs presented recent allocated expenses, as well as an update on the Greek Life budget. The entire newly requested budget of $70,000 has been rescinded. Senior Representative Alexis Gaskin mentioned that under section 1.2 of SGI bylaws the Budget committee is not an option for Greek Life. 

Freshmen elections also took place on Oct. 21 and winners will be on Oct. 24. SGI is still looking for representatives from the School of Education and Health Science from the freshman class. The School Spirit committee also needs models for their Instagram, asking those interested to direct message them. In addition, Patrick Kohn from the organization committee is looking for writers/producers to make articles/videos for online resources for SGI organizations. Email [email protected] if interested. 

There are several events occurring throughout the coming weeks. On Oct. 31, there will be a common hour social in the DAC living room where you can paint mini pumpkins. There will be a pink out women’s volleyball game on Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. On Oct. 23 men’s soccer (12-1), who is #1 in the nation, plays #2 Georgetown at 7 pm. On Oct. 27 at 1 pm women’s soccer will honor their seniors at the game. All of these sporting events will have a scarf giveaway for student fans. 

The meeting concluded with new SJC representative, Anfrony Asundu, voted in.