[UPDATED] Public Safety Apprehends Gunman Near Queens Campus


Updated January 29, 2020 at 6:21pm

According to the NYPD, at 2:15 pm Monday a 41-year-old man named Anton Yusupov approached someone on the loading dock near gate six with a pellet gun, and later approached two people in a car outside of the gate, who were able to see that he was armed. He was later apprehended by Public Safety. An NYPD spokesperson told the Torch that Yusupov lives within walking distance of Queens campus gate six. 

“With the assistance of Public Safety Officers — who without hesitation pursued the suspect — the NYPD responded and the suspect was identified and arrested without incident,” University spokesperson Brian Browne said in a statement to the Torch. He added that the defendant lives in Queens but “not adjacent to the campus.”

In an email to the Torch, the Queens District Attorney’s office listed the following misdemeanor charges for the defendant Anton Yusupov: Unauthorized use of a vehicle in the 3rd degree, attempted petit larceny, menacing in the 2nd degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree, firearms, harassment in the 2nd degree, and criminal contempt in the 2nd degree. 

According to court records, Yusupov was arraigned Jan. 28 and released. His next court date is filed for March 19. Court records show he is being represented by attorney Jesse Daniel Kropt of the Queens Legal Aid Society who did not immediately return a call seeking comment. 

Browne’s statement continues, “This incident was quickly reported and resolved because students alerted the Office of Public Safety. All members of the University community are reminded that if they see something suspicious they should notify Public Safety.” 


Students and faculty received word from Public Safety that a man was seen with possession of a handgun outside of Queens campus gate six on Monday, Jan. 27. 

This alert went out through text and phone call at 2:33 pm, notifying students that moments prior a man had been seen with a gun and was apprehended shortly after. The gun was recovered by NYPD officers and there were no shots fired or injuries. The NYPD is conducting a follow-up investigation. 

This alert comes just months after students were notified of another possible gunman outside of gate one on Wednesday, Oct. 16 of last year. This person was later identified as an active member of law enforcement. 

An NYPD spokesperson could not comment on the situation. 

Correction Feb. 10, 2020, 3:54 pm: This story was updated to specify the defendant’s gun to be a pellet gun.