Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at St. John’s University

University hosts a series of events to celebrate hispanic culture and community.

Photo Courtesy / YouTube 13News Now

National Hispanic Heritage Month commenced Sept. 15, marking a month-long celebration ending on Oct. 15. This year’s theme is “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation.” 

To St. John’s University students, this month can be a reminder of where they came from and the pride that comes from being of a Hispanic culture. “While I realize it everyday, this month is a reminder of what it means to be a latina woman and the pride that comes with being one,” Delaney Diaz, a Dominican freshman finance student. “I love my culture and this month is a chance for everyone to learn to love it too.”

This month is not just celebrated by those with roots tied into the hispanic community. “While I’m not Hispanic I do have a lot of hispanic friends,” said Hannah Pemberton, an African American freshman public administration student. “This month to me is a great way to appreciate and remember that the music and food that I love comes from the majority of my friends’ culture.”

Alumna Maria Mora, former president of the Latin American Student Organization as well as a R.I.S.E. mentor and proud Ecuadorian acknowledged the importance of this month. “Latinx Heritage Month is a time to highlight our history, rich cultures, and our legacy as a community,” said Mora, who prefers using the gender-neutral term Latinx. “These legacies empower me to continue my own aspirations and goals as I set forth on my new journey as a post-grad.” Mora also said that she hopes to see more mental health events and resources for Latinx students, as well as financial literacy workshops geared towards this community. “It is our mission not only this month but every day to elevate Latinx voices.”

To kick this month off the R.I.S.E. Mentorship program, the Latin American Student Organization, the Sensación dance team and Lambda Pi Chi collaborated to create a celebration filled with food, music and a live performance for the annual Queens Inclusivity Resource Center Anniversary and Bodega Block Party.  Palabras Poderosas: a spoken word workshop was held hybridly hosted by writer, poet, musician and speaker Melania Luisa Marte  

There are still more opportunities to celebrate this month. Club Caribe: íNoche de Baile! (Club Caribbean: Dance Night) will be held on Oct. 14 in the D’Angelo Center ballroom led in collaboration by several organizations. This Caribbean dance party features music by DJ Kaddu, as well as food and refreshments being served.

More details on how to sign up and information about the organizations hosting these events can be found on the Office of Multicultural Affairs section of the University’s website.