2022 St. John’s University Annual Security and Fire Safety Report Released

The University’s Department of Public Safety releases a safety report for all St. John’s campuses from 2019 to 2021.

Torch Photo / Sara Kiernan

The St. John’s University Department of Public Safety released a yearly safety report covering data from 2021 on its Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan campuses. The report also included the University’s satellite locations in Long Island and abroad. Last year, the Queens campus saw a total of 158 on-campus criminal offenses.

In 2021, liquor and drug law violations had the highest number of cases, equalling 81 and 62 on-campus cases, respectively. 80 and 58 of those cases, respectively, occurred in the residence halls. The number decreased drastically from the 127 and 188 on-campus cases reported in 2019, but increased from the 59 and 51 cases in 2020.

One robbery, six aggravated assaults, one burglary and one motor vehicle theft were reported last year on the Queens campus. Two of the aggravated assaults and one burglary was reported within the residence halls. 2019 saw one robbery, four burglaries and four motor vehicle thefts. None of the offenses were reported in 2020. A robbery is a theft that occurs when items are taken directly from another person, whereas burglary occurs when a person illegally enters a property with an intent to steal or commit a felony while inside, according to Nolo’s legal encyclopedia.

A total of three sex offenses were reported in 2021, with one occurring in the residence halls. Nine and three sex offenses were reported on campus in 2019 and 2020. All three cases in 2020 were reported within the residence halls.

The last report of domestic violence was in 2019, when two cases were reported. One occurred in the residence halls. Sixteen dating violences were reported the same year (12 in residence halls and two on public property). Four dating violations were reported on campus last year, two of which occurred in the residence halls. 

Since 2019, there have been three arrests. Two of the arrests occurred in 2019 due to violations of drug laws. One occured on campus in 2020, due to illegal weapons violations. There have been no criminal offenses reported on non-campus property. There were no illegal weapons violations in 2021. 

The full report can be found on the University’s website.