Premium Meal Swipe Donations to be Allowed Next Semester

Student Government, Inc. updated their plans to allow premium meal swipe donations between students, aiming to finalize the plan by Fall 2023.

Photo Courtesy / Student Government Inc.

As the 2022-2023 academic year comes to an end, Student Government, Inc. (SGi) at St. John’s University highlighted their hopes for next semester and shared news on scholarship funds at the assembly meeting on March 20. 

SGi President Ethan Burrell provided updates on previously mentioned initiatives. SGi will meet with University faculty to discuss the plan to allow premium meal swipe donations.  

At the Feb. 13 assembly meeting, SGi introduced their plan to enable the donation of premium meal swipes between St. John’s students. Initially claiming they do not see the plan being implemented within this academic year, Burrell now sees it potentially happening in the Fall 2023 semester.

“Hopefully we will get that done soon,” Burrell said. 

SGi sold crewneck sweatshirts in the D’Angelo Center on March 16 at common hour to fund senior scholarships, which are need-based scholarships available to resident senior students at St. John’s. With crew necks selling for 20 dollars each, they raised “about a thousand dollars.” Scholarship applications open during the summer.

Burrell also stressed the importance of students attending student listening sessions. Listening sessions are hosted by Sarah Kelly — vice president for student success and retention strategy — and Rachel Pereira — vice president of equity and inclusion. Burrell claimed that the plan to re-open the on-campus Taco Bell was initially introduced at one of the sessions by sophomore senator Paul Gaylor. 

“For example, at the last listening session, Paul [Gaylor], had actually brought up Taco Bell, and Sarah [Kelly] talked about it,” he said. “So if you have any concerns, please talk about it there.”

The next student listening session will be held March 30. during common hour in Room 206 of the D’Angelo Center. The event is limited to 125 first-year students.

SGi assembly meetings are held biweekly in St. Albert’s Hall Room B70 at 5 p.m. The next meeting will be held on April 4.