Restaurant Review: Sushi galore on Union Turnpike

Dinner at Gan Da Sushi wont disappoint

Dinner at Gan Da Sushi won’t disappoint

If you’re looking for a nice Japanese place to eat and you don’t feel like taking a long trip to do so, Gan Da Sushi is the place to go. Just a couple minute walk from campus you can find this small and cozy Japanese restaurant nestled between buildings.

Located on the turn between Union Turnpike and Surrey Place, Gan Da Sushi is a great escape from the same-old-same from St. John’s cafeterias.

The handmade signs and drawings all over the walls catch your attention. The calm music adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

A very friendly family runs this place–customer service definitely is not a problem here. When you enter you will get a warm “hello” and “good-bye” every time.

The menu has a lot to choose from and a variety of rolls, but sometimes that can be confusing, especially since a lot of the rolls are very similar in terms of ingredients. Perhaps it would be easier to choose something if they simplified the menu.

Gan Da Sushi also has many options on Japanese sodas and soft drinks too, but sometimes they are not quite cold – beware of that if you are the type that likes to eat something accompanied by a nice cold drink.

A very good thing about this place is its prices, and as you know the majority (if not all) of college students are very attentive to those. Prices on the rolls vary from $3 to  $13, but most of them are usually around $5 to $6. The Lunch Box is a good deal too – for $6.95 you can get soup, noodles, side of broccoli, salad and pick between chicken or beef teriyaki.

The place is small so if you are planning on going with a large group, get ready to wait. Even if you don’t wait for a table, you will most likely have to wait until everyone’s food is ready. If you are in a rush, I’d say don’t go for the chicken or beef teriyaki.

Since the place is small and there are not a lot of people working there it can take some time for you to get your order – especially if the place is full. Once again, because the customer service is very good, the owner/chef is the one who usually takes care of the food and serving for the most part.

Though it is a small place with about 20 seats, they are not the type of people who would try to rush the customers, you know, like those places where someone keeps walking by and asking constantly if you need anything else after clearing your table. The people from Gan Da Sushi are familiar and sympathetic with St. John’s students and staff; they even named one of their special rolls after the school.

If you are interested in the food but don’t really feel in the mood to wait around
the restaurant, you can either call for pick up or delivery.

Yes, they do deliver to campus – so don’t worry if you have the craving just not the courage to actually go there, they can definitely come to you.