Should Richard Posner be Scalia’s successor?

Kristen Catalano, Staff Writer

The death of Supreme Court Justice Judge Antonin Scalia left the public with many questions. The first question on many people’s minds who will replace him?

Scalia said himself in 2012 that he would like to be succeeded by Judge Frank Easterbrook. In this same interview, Scalia shared that their similar views meant that they would have the same goals in mind. Many dislike Easterbrook because of his views on gun control. After taking a closer look, it is clear to many that his views are not similar to Scalia’s.

Although Scalia left a lasting legacy and there should be no rush to replace him, one man that should definitely be considered is Judge Richard Posner.

Posner has been a judge for over 30 years and is respected by judges and lawyers alike. Posner’s views are not one-sided. Instead, they vary between each party based on particular cases.

For example, he supports same sex marriage but opposes the war on drugs. A mind like this is what the Supreme Court needs right now. Currently, the Supreme Court is split so rigid that someone like Posner could really shake things up and make a difference. There is no one like him currently serving and most Americans can agree that change is what we need.

Posner is also a prolific author and was named to be the most cited legal scholar of all time. He has written over 40 books on several topics that are highly respected among judges and other legal officials.

Posner could be just what the Supreme Court needs because he is not afraid to go against the norm and traditions in order to enact change and to do what is right. Many people in government or legal positions nowadays are just going with the flow trying to appease everyone instead of changing what is not working.

Although rushing to replace Judge Scalia is not the answer, appointing someone like Posner, if not him, could really change our judicial system and possibly the country.