Dreadlock control

How much is too much?

Kristen Catalano, Staff Writer

A student at San Francisco State University has recently come under fire for her treatment of another student. This young woman saw a white male student, Cory Goldstein, with dreadlocks and felt that he was appropriating her culture with his hair style. Another student nearby took a video of the situation and posted it online as, reported by USA Today.

As of March 30th, the video had over two million views on YouTube. In the video you can see the woman walk up to the man and scold him, telling him that he is appropriating her culture.

Goldstein then tries to have a conversation with the woman on the origin of dreadlocks. He tells her that Egyptians also wore dreads but this only angers her more. After this failed attempt at making peace,

Goldstein attempts to leave the situation but the woman grabs him by the arm to hold him in place. Goldstein repeatedly tells the woman to let go of him but she disregards his pleas and continues to hold him.

The university released a statement to the public stating that they are investigating the incident and no charges have been filed at this time. Goldstein said that he filed a report with the police after the incident occurred but does not plan on pressing any charges against the unknown student.

I do not understand why this student felt the need to go up to someone that she knew nothing about and accuse them of something based solely on their hairstyle. I also do not think that you should put your hands on anybody under any circumstances just to get your opinion across.

He understood what she was saying and decided to not engage in an argument. He attempted to take the high road and walk away, but her ego would not allow for that. Instead, she decided to take it upon herself to physically hold him there until she felt that her point was fully heard and understood. She had no authority to do so and was irrevocably wrong.

You should never have to put your hands on another person just to prove your point. You should rely on your knowledge of the topic and your correctness to get your point across.

Once this student put her hands on another student , she invalidated her opinion and crossed the line.