Donald J. Trump: Not a politician, but better

Anthony Savino, Staff Writer

Election night was an unbelievable and exciting night. I, like many of you, was shocked when Donald Trump was officially named president-elect. There always is backlash when change occurs, but I truly believe there is not very much to worry about. I voted for Trump, but don’t be mad at me. Do not be mad in general.  

If you are one of the millions of Americans that are sincerely scared or upset at the election, take comfort in the fact that Trump has great potential to be a good president. He outsmarted his opponents, came into this race being a non-politician, and had many factors against him. Yet, he still pulled off the win. His intelligence cannot be discredited for accomplishing this.  

Trump’s main qualification can arguably be his business background. He knows how the economy works, and he has worked on both successful and failed business ventures. While he may not try to add new trade agreements throughout his presidency, most existing agreements will probably be left untouched since global trade is necessary for a successful world economy.

Something that goes hand and hand with global trade is global relations. A good businessman like Trump knows how to create allies. He believes in helping people domestically before we extend our reach to other countries. That said, the Middle East is very unstable at the moment, and as president, Trump will have to be cordial towards Muslims. Putting foreign policy aside, Trump will also have to be respectful of all races in our melting pot of a nation.  

People are scared that Trump is a racist. Trump is not a racist. His supporters are not racists. He has said absurd things in the past – we all have – but he will shape up. In his first speech as President-elect, he was humble, firm and he said he will get the job done fully. There is no need to divide the country just because your candidate lost. Do not generalize a group of people as being racist. Our county is by no means united, but maybe this can ignite motivation to change. President Obama and Secretary Clinton both said it in their speeches on Wednesday: we need to come together as a nation.  

As for deportation of illegal immigrants, Trump knows our economy needs them. According to Forbes, undocumented immigrants pay more than $11 billion in taxes. I also believe Trump will try to implement harsher entry measures for immigrants from Mexico to get in. As for the criminal immigrants who add nothing to this county other than headaches for law enforcement, Trump will implement harsher deportation measures for them. Trump’s wife and grandfather were immigrants, and the America we know today was built by immigrants.  

I hope that Trump runs this country just as he ran his successful businesses. I hope and believe he will take his flashy personality a notch or two down. I know he will not abuse his power to target minorities. I know he will adjust our economical landscape.  

He did what he had to do, and said what he had to say in order to clinch the W, now it is time for him to prove himself and Make America Great(er) than it is now.