Being a Foodie on the Go

Angela Kellett, Staff Writer

I am a foodie. I love eating my meals and I snack religiously throughout the day.

As a commuter, I initially planned to pack my food, but planning out food to eat as a college student, especially as a commuter, is rather daunting.

Certain professors will dictate whether you can eat in class and other professors do not want you to eat foods that are crunchy, have a strong scent, or are deemed “messy.”

This becomes a dilemma, and I came to the conclusion that the solution is eating out.

When I became accustomed to the campus and the food places around it, I began to venture out. I began buying bubble tea at either Green Lotus or Crepe ‘N’ Tearia. I also found out the Caffe Bene sells bubble tea lattes, which I tend to pair with a croissant. If you prefer your boba with ice, go to Green Lotus. If you prefer stronger boba with more tea flavors, go to Crepes ‘N’ Tearia.

We all know and love Regina’s pizza, but I do love the white slice at Mato Pizza in Marillac. If you are on a budget, yummy pizza on 169th street will sell you a dollar slice of pizza.  

Whenever it is a cold or rainy day, I will be at Outtakes having some soup with either a Jamaican chicken patty or a chicken roll.

I will stock up on cheap snacks at the local dollar stores by campus. There are two different dollar stores by the 169th street subway going towards Manhattan that have a lot of good snacks. I often buy chips, gum and trail mix.

The fruit carts in Kew Gardens sell pre-packaged fruit. This is essential for me, because who can afford the price of fruit on campus? I will stock up once a week and throw fruit in my bag every morning.

As a student at St. John’s University, I have an abundance of options depending on my mood.

Being in the heart of Queens provides me a multitude of food choices and price ranges.