Flames of the Torch: Meet Our New Assistants


Last week, the Torch welcomed Assistant Editors to the team, who have put in an incredible amount of work this past semester and are now a part of our staff. We’re excted to see what ideas and content they bring as they take on a more involved role.

Our Assistant Features Editor, Sophie Williams

Sophie started with the Torch this semester but has already become an involved member of staff, writing for Opinion, Culture and News. Even as Assistant Features Editor, she continues to write for other sections of the paper, being in charge of covering SGI events. She has shown her creativity and her dedication, contributing ideas for stories and helping in every way that she can.

Our Assistant Culture Editor, Maria Keddis

Freshman Maria Keddis brings a second opinion to the culture section. Despite only being part of the Torch for only semester, she connected with Culture Editor Priyanka Gera immediately. In the future she will be writing more and assisting other writers in their stories. 

Our Assistant News Editor, Alicia Venter

Starting by writing for Sports, Alicia quickly got involved in writing for News, covering two different events in one weekend for an October edition. Alicia has written for every print edition since she became part of the Torch. She is often found in the Torch office on production nights or at the Men’s Basketball games.

Our Assistant Opinion Editor, Yueran Yu

Yueran is a freshman this year and has contributed to Opinion multiple times, providing helpful information for fellow freshmen, such as her article ‘Are You Ready For Winter?’, reminding students of the basic to-do’s to prepare for winter. Her well-researched pieces landed her the assistant position alongside Opinion Editor Destinee Scott.

Our Assistant Sports Editors, Sydney Denham and Sean Okula

Sydney and Sean have been an instrumental part of the Sports staff since they became part of the Torch. Sydney, a sophomore, has dedicated all her time with the Torch to sports, constantly contributing by writing about a variety of sports such as soccer and basketball. Sean, a junior, has had a similar experience for the Torch, writing several pieces for our annual Courtside magazine as well. Both have impressive writing skill and great approaches to more than just basketball.