Q & A With Ryan McCormick


Ryan McCormick is the senior leader of the St. John’s men’s golf team. McCormick, a native of West Long Branch, N.J., has had golf running through his veins since he was a toddler. McCormick came into his final spring season off of the best season of his collegiate career as he received both Big East fall honors for men’s golf. McCormick started the season hot as he rose to as high as 22nd in the Palmer Cup standings. McCormick currently leads the Red Storm with an average round of play at 72.33. Even with all of those personal accolades going for him, McCormick and his teammates are focused on one thing: the Big East Championship.

The Torch was able to catch up with Ryan McCormick as he looked back at his collegiate career and as he looks forward to the possibility of a professional golf career.

 Torch: As the only senior on the team, do the younger guys come to you for advice?

Ryan McCormick: Our team is comprised of five juniors and one freshman, so there aren’t any real young guys on our team. Sean Byrne, our freshman, has come to me for advice a few times as well as other guys. It is cool to pass on some knowledge that I have gained the past four years to younger or more inexperienced guys on our team.

T: When did you first begin to play golf? Why?

RM: I first started to play golf at an early age, probably about two years old. My dad has worked in the golf business since I have been born. He is currently a head golf professional at Suburban Golf Club in Union, N.J. I have been around golf my whole life and was around a golf course at all times.

T: What golfer did you look up to as a youngster and try to model your game after?

RM: As a young kid it was hard not to look up to Tiger Woods, who was dominant when I began to take golf pretty seriously. My father is a huge Phil Mickelson fan and I have also looked up to Phil as well. A player I try to model my game after is Matt Kuchar.

 T: As your final collegiate season is nearing a close, how do you hope to close out your collegiate golf career?

RM: I hope to close out my collegiate career with a team win at the Big East Championship in a few weeks.

T: What are you plans after graduation? Do you plan on going pro?

RM: My plans after graduation are to turn pro and to compete this summer on PGA Tour Canada. I’ll be competing in Web.Com Tour School as well in hopes of reaching the Web.Com Tour for the 2015 season.

T: As one of the best golfers in program history, what would you tell younger golfers entering the program who want to be as successful as you have been?

RM: Andrew Svoboda and Keegan Bradley have been an inspiration for the team since they have gotten to the PGA Tour. I would tell guys that want to be successful to think outside the box and to beat to their own drum as opposed to following the crowd.

T: What was the most memorable experience that you have had on the golf course as a student-athlete?

RM: My most memorable experience on the golf course was meeting Keegan after he won the PGA Championship and being able to play a few holes with him as well as ask him a few questions about what it took to get him there.

T: What is one experience off of the golf course at St. John’s that will always stay with you?

RM: The one experience off the golf course that I will always remember would be celebrating our team victory during the fall of my freshman year.

T: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

RM: I see myself in 10 years competing in the Masters as a professional!

T: If your teammates were to describe you in one sentence, what would they say?

RM: I would hope that they would describe me in one sentence as somebody who cared about others and tried to inspire and help them become a better golfer.

 T: If you were to have dinner with three people dead or alive who would they be?

RM: I would have dinner with Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Bobby Jones.