French Montana At Tip Off 2014

The University scored big time as students anticipated seeing their beloved women’s and men’s basketball teams as well as famed rapper French Montana perform at the Tip-Off.

Before 9 a.m., students made their way to the box office, creating quite a buzz as the line surpassed the University Center and ended along  Jack Kaiser Stadium. In fact, the line was so long that French Montana himself retweeted the @Stjohnsredstorm Instagram video shouting out to all his loyal fans that withstood a long waiting period for tickets to hear the rapper’s slew of popular club bangers.

While tons of students were overly excited for the artist’s performance, many were clueless as to who the rapper was and were unfamiliar with his music.

However, the joy of those who were looking forward to the night of basketball and fun overshadowed the less enthused, as they took to Twitter, expressing their happiness to turn up and see if Khloe Kardashian,  French Montana’s summer fling, would make an appearance.

As the scrimmage games came to an end, students took to social media restlessly, wondering where exactly French Montana was. A student even posted a Montana sighting at Regina’s Pizzeria on YikYak. There were also claims that super producer Swizz Beats and “Fight Night” rapper Migos were also in the building. However, it was never confirmed.

Freshman liberal studies major Nicolette Arias agreed with the university’s choice. “Having French Montana come to the 2014 Tip-Off was a great asset,” she said. “It was a unique way of uniting the students and getting them excited for the upcoming basketball season.”

After anxiously waiting, the announcer finally introduced special guest performer French Montana and the crowd went wild. Screams bounced off the walls of Carnesecca as Montana appeared from behind the white curtains with his entourage in tow.

“I definitely enjoyed the hype. I got the tickets with intention to see French Montana. I wasn’t the biggest fan going into it, but it’s my senior year so I felt like I had to go,” communications major Landon Morris said.

The hype was definitely felt as athletes, dance/cheer team members, and students swarmed to the court surrounding French Montana from every angle as he began to perform his 20-minute set. Covering all the basics, he performed his popular verses on Nicki Minaj’s “Freaks” and Chris Brown’s “Loyal.”

The rapper asked for audience participation when chanting “Free Meek Mill” and his trademark word “Haan,” keeping the crowd energized. Walking to every part of the arena, Montana made sure to give fans a show. He turned things up a notch with his hit songs “Shot Caller,” “Pop That,” and “Ain’t Worried About Nothing.”

As his set wrapped up, Montana made sure to get a dance in with Johnny Thunderbird and an impromptu selfie with the massive crowd. Before the night was over, Montana took to Twitter on a performance high, sharing videos of the audience with the caption, “Don’t panic went offf in there love yalll St. John’s!”