In the spirit of Christmas

The last dorm diary of the semester has arrived. In recognition of this event, I would like to do some of you a favor. Many different people have approached me and asked me if I can mention them in some way. In the spirit of Christmas I have decided to grant them their wish; I would like to give an official shout out to the following people:…You didn’t really think I would do something like that did you? That would have been absolutely terrible because I’m pretty sure I was already losing your interest.

Some of the residents have put up Christmas lights and it gives the village a warm, inviting characteristic that was unseen before. Aside from the lights one also can’t help but notice that it’s crunch time.

In other words, I’m referring to papers, essays, tests, finals, presentations and all that other good stuff. There are only a couple of weeks left in the semester, and pretty soon the bookstore might get packed once again with students who didn’t feel like buying the book until they absolutely needed it to study for the final.

It’s also starting to get a little colder outside, yet there are always those who continue to wear shorts regardless of the weather. The hallways have begun to get a little messier because people do not want to go outside to dispose of their trash. Some residents are so resourceful that they leave the trash in the elevator, truly an accomplishment.

Being given the opportunity to write this article I felt that I should be as honest as possible and attempt to present a picture of what the residence halls are like. One fact found not only in this village but in other dorms across the nation is the increased risk of contracting a disease. Due to the fact that we are all in such close proximity bacteria runs rampant and has a party in bathrooms, common areas, and bedrooms. This covers everything from pinkeye to the flu to STDs. Unfortunately, people tend to focus on the negative, and in doing so, spread rumors and that rumor mill sure gets a lot of action. No pun intended. I just hope everyone is aware of the fact that people don’t like to talk about how friendly someone may be but rather, the opposite. That’s just an illustration of how the village is a microcosm of society in that we emphasize the negative because we find it more interesting.

I’m sure most residents are aware of this fact, but there are graduate law students living on the top two floors of O’Connor Hall, the 24 hour quiet hall. I had an experience with a suite of law students and it was a very interesting encounter.

Pardon my ignorance. I do not have much knowledge with the inner workings of being a lawyer, but I always thought part of a lawyer’s job was to find loopholes within the justice system.

That aspect of lawyers was proved evident to me because these students were so challenging when it came to “alcohol related” issues. Speaking with them proved to be a task, only because everything I said would be distorted. Along with that, I was also able to observe why lawyers have to do a lot of research when they have a case. It is easily detected when one speaks without having a full understanding of the topic, and at times it provides humor. Obviously this is all based on one encounter and I could be mistaken. However I highly doubt it.

This article had no theme throughout, unlike the previous ones. Frankly, I could only think of a couple of items. They are somewhat controversial but true. I guess that goes to show that I, just like everyone else, am feeling the anxiety of finals, not to mention the whole graduation thing. But on a lighter note, during the first semester I have had nothing but good experiences living in the residence halls. No, that is not meant as a gratuitous plug, because I know of many people who would disagree with me, but it is my sincere opinion. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and good luck on finals thing is cliche, so I’m going to say that if you’ve gotten this far there’s no reason for you not to do well.