Where Have You Gone Reggie Jessie?

Most college seniors are concerned about moving on to the next level. For non-athletes, that means having an impressive resume of achievements to make prospective employers take notice. For senior athletes, especially basketball players, that is also their concern.

Their resume isn’t one that is typed up on a computer. Their resume is what they do on the court in all facets of the game. Their resume is their professional basketball potential.

St. John’s is off to its worst start since 1963-1964 as it currently is 4-5. It is playing with only one senior: Reggie Jessie.

While a number of things have caused this dreadful start to the season, one thing stands out to me is Reggie Jessie. He is the team captain. A team captain means you set the standard for others.

So far this season Jessie has yet to assert himself on a consistent basis. Where have you gone Reggie Jessie? What happened to the versatile swingman who could handle the ball? Will the real Reggie Jessie please stand up.

Often at times this season he plays with little intensity. Against Hofstra he played only 21 minutes and scored 0 points.

This season hasn’t been good so far for him. If the season ended today he would best known for the low blow to George Washington’s Sir Valiant Brown at the BB & T classic two weeks ago.

For a player who has NBA hopes, with your resume so far you wouldn’t even get a call for an interview.

Glover has been quoted as saying some players don’t have the intensity needed. Does he mean Jessie is one of them?

So far this team’s perimeter defense is shaky, the Red Storm have been outrebounded in seven of the first nine games, despite having better size than last season. Jessie stands out because he is the captain and has been here long enough to set an example.

If there is anybody on this team that should know about intensity it is Jessie. After all, he did play with Tyrone Grant and Lavor Postell, two of the most intense players in SJU basketball history.

SJU is in a funk and if Jessie is any kind of a captain he will have more of a positive impact in games that SJU will need to win.