Anonymous, please read this column

I sat down at my desk and was handed a letter written to Student Government Inc. from “anonymous.” This letter was received by the committee chairs, senators and the executive board of Student Government, and reached my desk within hours. I read the letter once, just gazing at the printed page with incredulity. I read the missive a second time, fully analyzing the letter piece by piece and again found myself altogether disagreeing with the content.

In this cowardly display, “anonymous” voiced his displeasure with certain student leaders sitting in the St. John’s student section at the Connecticut game. All the leaders mentioned hold positions in Student Government.

“Anonymous” ripped into these students supposed lack of leadership. He was appalled that they used profane language and said certain leaders booed The Rev. Donald J. Harrington, C.M. and Ed Manetta, the director of athletics. “Anonymous” goes on to state that these students behavior is a “black eye that the university must deal with” and that a longtime fan told him “after 15 years of sitting in this section I have never seen a group act the way they did.”

First of all, the student section is named that for a reason. This might seem obvious to most, but a student section is home to THE STUDENTS! Confusing? I don’t think so. Why is someone sitting in the student section for 15 years? If someone has been sitting in the student section that long and is just voicing his complaints now, I think our student section has been doing a horrible job of jeering the other team. To this person I say get a life and stop living vicariously through current students, as you thirst for the days of your reckless youth.

First, you should not be sitting there. Second, if you don’t like it, move away. Find a cozy spot next to our alumni (if you graduated) who like to keep their seats warm by not standing and cheering.
I have news for Mr./Ms. “Anonymous.” If he/she thinks our fans are unruly, clearly they haven’t attended too many college basketball games. As for the booing that Harrington and Manetta received, I say get the heck over it! Booing high administrators is not only suitable from college students, it is expected.

As one of the loudest and most boisterous denizens of the student section, I am here to defend their actions at the Connecticut game, which I believe were appropriate and fitting for a student section at a college basketball game. While not all actions are in good taste, the students rarely overstep the bounds of language used at sporting events. The problem does not lie within the students at the games, it lies with our non-vocal alumni who might seem more excited watching fruit flies mate then attending a St. John’s game at the World’s Most Famous Arena.

I think it’s incredibly hypocritical for this “fan” to sign a letter anonymously. It displays an alarming lack of accountability and cowardice. Does “anonymous” really expect anything to be done with a letter written by an unidentifiable author? It seems sophomoric to me. Clearly, if “anonymous” wanted something done with this letter, it would have been signed.

Evidently from the angle the letter was written, it was intended to harm certain members of Student Government. I do not know why these individuals were targeted other than someone wanting to shake up government. It is plainly visible this person wishes to sabotage some members of Student Government as they are the only leaders mentioned.
The memories I have of the student section are some of the fondest I will have of my college experience. The friends I have met there are some of the best people I know, yes; even the leaders mentioned in this spineless letter I consider friends. The section represents everything that is good to me. These students sacrifice jobs and other worthy activities to attend every home game and many away games. To bash their actions in such a gutless manner angers me.

I would like to let “anonymous” know that I will be in the student section for tonight’s game against Providence. I invite you to introduce yourself to me, and respond to my column. I challenge you to show your face and talk to me about this letter. I’ll be waiting and I won’t be happy.