Area residents react to shooting

This month’s shooting has spurred students and administrators to find new ways of improving campus safety. Now the community that surrounds campus shares their thoughts and concerns about the shooting, the recent advent of the dorms and SJU campus safety.

“I won’t let my child walk down the streets by herself now, its just too dangerous,” said Gulnora Shatursun, a resident of 175th street and 82nd avenue. Since the building of the dormitory buildings, the surrounding Jamaica residents have complained about the constant uproars cause by resident students during the late hours of the night. ” On the weekends I can hear kids fighting, throwing things and simply being loud,” says Shatursun.

Campus security has since reformed its policies in an attempt to remove shortcomings. According to some Jamaica residents, though, the campus security is still lackluster. ” I had to call security twice last Thursday, because dorm students were in the parking lots drinking and playing loud music,” said MaryAnne Tom, who resides on 175th street and 82nd avenue.

On the other side of the coin, some residents find that SJU security has done an apt job. “The altercation initially ensued off campus. Security is always around the dorms at night, it could have happened anywhere,” said Karen Taormina. Residing at 175th street and 82nd avenue, Taorimina finds that the dorms did not have a tremendous impact on the surrounding community. “Campus safety is always circling behind the dorms, they’re always involved,” she said.

“The problem is with alcohol. Students are too haphazard about drinking,” said Wallace Chan, a community resident. Despite the recent problems with security, Chan feels that the problem lies with the students and not campus security. Also a resident along 175 th and 82nd, Chan feels that the presence of the dorms has not been a significant contributor to headaches in the community.

Despite mixed reactions by the community, St. John’s is still taking the necessary precautions to ensure that such an incident will not occur anytime in the near future.