Flames of The TORCH

Farewell & Good Luck

It’s time for The TORCHes to be passed. After a year of dutiful service by the current editors and writers, it is time for elections, whereby a new managing board will be installed. The first issue of the new board will be published on April 18th and will feature new names and faces, but as always, the same great reporting. The TORCH offers students first-hand experience in the fields of writing and designing. The current board wants to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for two of our fellow journalists who will be graduating this semester. To William Hernandez, our fearless and enduring editor-in-chief: Your perseverance and dedication in even the toughest times have inspired us to new heights. Your indistinguishable presence will be greatly missed at The TORCH. Hernandez will continue to pursue his career with an internship at Newsday and as a freelance writer.

To Larry Fleisher, our hardworking and conscientious assistant sports editor: Your diligence and commitment to the sporting arena has brought TORCH sports to a higher playing field. You, too, will be greatly missed. Fleisher’s career after The TORCH is still a work in progress, but whatever path he chooses, he will surely succeed. Hernandez and Fleisher have been the backbone of The TORCH and will be missed.

Student Government Elections

Student Government Elections will be held today and tomorrow. Students are faced with a choice, the I.M.P.A.C.T. ticket or the C.H.A.N.G.E. ticket. Both promise improvements for the SJU community, but their ultimate influence will rely upon the students. Students are often apathetic toward student government elections simply because they are unaware of the candidates and their proposed goals. The SJU community has to make the attempt and become involved. It’s easy to call for new standards on campus, but it takes effort to put thought into which ticket will benefit the students in the long run. The first step in making a difference on campus is simple – vote in the upcoming elections. Voting booths will be located in Marillac cafeteria, the University Center and the library. Students have to present their SJU ID’s to be able to vote. A small task for such an important cause. Remember, every vote counts!

Thomas Smith: In Memorium

Thomas Smith, professor of English in St. John’s College, passed away Monday night after battling severe health problems. Those who have had the pleasure of being taught by Prof. Smith will reiterate his great strength, not only as an academic instructor, but as a friendly individual as well. Prof. Smith had the ability to bring literature to life by using examples from his own life to illustrate the great fictional works that he so loved. He prided himself in being a professor for and about his students. He often referred to his students as his own children. The TORCH extends its condolences to Prof. Smith’s family and friends. His presence on campus and his countless contributions to the St. John’s community will be greatly missed by both students, staff and administrators.