Groups get needed cash

Student Government granted the Residence Hall Association (RHA) $2,500 for a party it will host next month during its meeting, which was held in the U.C. lounge on Monday. Student government also made funding decisions regarding several other organizations.

RHA will use the money to pay for a luau to be held in the residential village on April 26.

“It’s going to be a community event within the residential village,” said Matt Russo, president of RHA. The funding for this event, which will be held outside of Montgoris Dining Hall, was approved unanimously.

R.H.A. also requested an additional $1,200 to pay for a bus to Boston, for a trip. The budget committee offered only $600.

“Student Government has a policy of not paying for transportation,” said Caragh De Luca, assistant to the budget committee chair. “However, the budget committee, in a close vote, recommended to approve for $600 of the $1,200.”

This trip will take place on April 21 and will give resident students a chance to get off campus and go to Boston. Student Government said it made the exction because the residence halls are relatively new on campus. Previously, there was no reason to take issues involving resident life into consideration.

“The whole idea of having residence halls is something new. The constitution doesn’t really cater to resident students enough,” said budget committee chair Joseph Dujmic. “That’s something that was taken into consideration.”

“The budget committee felt that, even though it is against Student Government policy, it is a different type of organization and we…support the idea of the Residence Hall Association,” De Luca said.
Phi Alpha Theta requested $750 for guest speaker Dr. Kenneth Jackson on April 9 and received the full amount.

The request by the Physician Assistant Association for $936 to attend a conference on Long Island was cut down to $846. The cut reflects a late fee that the association had to pay.

The Jewish Students Association received $800 for its planned Passover seder set for next Thursday.

The Korean American Christian Fellowship received $500 to have Sam Park speak on the topic of “Passion for Hunger.”

Finally, Sigma Delta Pi received $1,500 to pay for writer Elena Poniatowska to speak on campus next Friday.