Fraternally V.I.T.A.L. sophomore Joseph Gebbie

On a campus such as St. John’s University, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd, something that sophomore Joseph Gebbie is trying to avoid.

Gebbie, originally from Oyster Bay, Long Island, decided to come to St. John’s University because he enjoyed the family and community it seemed to offer. It made him feel at home.

“I just liked the atmosphere of St. John’s,” Gebbie said.

While making sure that he does not become just another face on campus, Gebbie has become highly involved in university activities, including being part of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, where he is president-elect.

“It’s a brotherhood and we’re always there for each other,” Gebbie said.

With his fraternity, Gebbie performs community service such as helping with sandwich drives and soup kitchens, as well as giving monetary donations to St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

“Through my fraternity, we like to give back to the community,” Gebbie said.

Gebbie is also a member of VITAL (Vincentian Initiative to Advanced Leadership) and the Italian Cultural Society, and participates in Campus Ministry.

Through his involvement in VITAL, Gebbie has been able to further his knowledge of himself and of the people he has met.

“We get to explore what’s bothering us and learn more about ourselves and other people around us,” said Gebbie. “I’ve learned a lot about myself.”

Gebbie became involved in campus because he wanted to make the best of his years at college.

“I think that college should be the best four years of your life,” Gebbie said. “They [my activities] all mean a lot to me and they play an integral part in my life.”

According to Gebbie, all of his involvement assists the school by getting other people involved.

“I think by me doing all of these activities and letting people know about them and pulling people into them, it contributes to the school,” Gebbie said. “If you don’t get involved, then you’re going to end up coming out of college regretting not being involved in your school.”

Along with his campus activities, Gebbie has also been involved in his community. On his list of volunteer services is helping at St. Dominic’s Church in Oyster Bay, working booths at the St. Rocco’s festival, and aiding in a hospital.

“Whoever asks me for help, I’m there,” said Gebbie.

While taking advantage of activities at St. John’s, Gebbie is majoring in government and politics, and plans to become a lawyer. He would like to attend either St. John’s or Columbia for law school. Eventually, Gebbie plans to enter politics, hoping to become a senator.

“It [government and politics] has always sparked a flare in my imagination,” Gebbie said. “I just think it’s a great thing to give back to the community at large.”

To tie his major in more with his campus involvement, Gebbie is interested in becoming a part of the College Republicans as well as being in student government.

Gebbie said that St. John’s has helped him in many ways such as overcoming his shyness and becoming a better person. It has also broadened his outlook on life.

“St. John’s has made me feel that there are other things out there, not just daily life,” Gebbie said.