“Rent” a must see show

If you’re looking for a great way to spend an evening, look no further. Just go to the Nederlander Theatre at 208 West 41st Street and see the Broadway show “Rent.”

Since “Rent” opened in 1996, it has received well-deserved acclaim from many.

Don’t let the title of this show fool you. It is about much more than just rent. It depicts the lives of people who are living in New York City, trying desperately to survive what life has offered them. Mark is trying to make it as a filmmaker. Roger is working on fulfilling his dream of becoming a famous musician. Maureen, Mark’s ex-girlfriend, is dating Joanne. Roger is beginning to fall in love with Mimi. And Collin is finding love with Angel.

The lives of all these characters intertwine with one another. They go through hard times together, including dealing with AIDs and how it is affecting them. All of the stories told through these people, like Roger’s battle to overcome the death of his girlfriend, are powerful. Any audience would be truly moved by them.

All of the characters are portrayed so well that you begin to feel that they are real people, and may even start to feel as if you know them. When they are upset, you become upset. When they are hurt or cry, you feel the same.

Jonathan Larson, who died before getting to see the full success of the show, knew what he was doing when he created this show. Not only is the story line captivating, but the music is amazing. Show-goers will be fixed on the stage as the actors perform numbers such as “One Song Glory,” “Seasons of Love” and “I’ll Cover You.” This is a short list of all the memorable songs that are sung throughout the performance. It is likely the audience members will leave the theatre wanting to rush out and purchase the soundtrack.

All of the themes contained in this play are common in life, making it even better. Many people will go to see the show and will identify with the situations. We’ve all gotten into fights with a friend. Most of us know what it’s like to feel pain after losing a loved one.

This is a fabulous show that should be seen by all. It’s got everything – great music, great lyrics, great story line and amazing actors and actresses with amazing voices. It would be an impossibility for anyone to go to this show and be bored.