Letters to the Editor

Column right on target

I am a resident in the community surrounding St. John’s University and I was duly impressed at the honesty you had in writing your column, “St John’s is good at one thing: hiding everything.” That took guts and I want to say for one that because of your “guts,” you will go far in your career. It takes a real man to step up to home plate and tell the truth come what may. You have truly risen to the occasion! You believe in telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Now that’s an editor in chief emeritus if there ever was one. God bless you. You are a breath of fresh air.

Just to let you know, I belong to a group of praying moms (Moms in Touch, mothers praying for their children and their school) and we have “adopted” St. John’s University to pray for since none of our children go there. We have been praying that St. John’s may be a beacon of light for the whole community to see. I can see you desire that, too, by your article. Perhaps they will heed your article and realize the position they are in requires that they be honest and caring in their dealing, which includes their neighbors, and that they learn to “love their neighbors as they love themselves.”


Rose Schellenberg

Jamaica resident

Statements out of line

After reading the article, “Hundreds celebrate day of Heritage” about Jewish Heritage day on campus, I was outraged that St. John’s University was quoted as having been “a long time supporter of the Zionistic cause.” As a Muslim student, if this were the case, certainly myself and the other Muslim students numbering over 1,000 would not support and attend a Catholic University that is insensitive to our belief.

All the great monotheistic religions reside in Jerusalem, and it is an insult to Muslims and Christians alike to call for Jerusalem to be the Jewish capital.

Just as Walter Wolfe expressed his desire for peace, the Muslims, too, are a people of reconciliation. I expected more from the university, not only as a student but also as a Muslim.

I hope that in the future St. John’s University is more considerate with regard to the feelings and opinions of both the Muslims and Jews on campus.


Walaa Abd- Rabouh