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Video Game ‘Onimusha’ is a Sequel Worth Playing

In the world of video games, there are two kinds of sagas: the ones where you must play through each installment chronologically for maximum satisfaction, and the ones where it really only pays to buy the latest installment.

“Onimusha” happens to be one of those sagas that falls in the latter category, so far. “Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny” is everything the original should have been.

Let me start by saying that “Onimusha 2” is a great-looking game. The graphics are stunning, to say the least. The glorious CG introduction alone is enough to get you excited about playing this game.

The story continues where the previous PS2 “Onimusha” left off. Samanosuke, the previous main character, is missing after defeating the demon king Fortinbras. The infamous demon warlord, Nobunaga, has succeeded Fortinbras. You control a samurai named Jubei Yagyu, the chief of Yagyu village.

One day, while Jubei’s away, Nobunaga’s forces comes along and slaughter all of the people in the village. Jubei returns to his village to find everybody dead. He swears vengeance and he vows to stop Nobunaga from conquering the entire region.

The game takes about 15 hours to complete first time around. Not terribly long, but lengthier than the original “Onimusha,” which only took about five hours to finish.

This sequel also brings a new feature to the table: branching storylines. Using the game’s distinctive trading feature, which determines who likes you and who doesn’t, parts of the story can change.

Depending on the choices you make, the game can be a little different every time you start a new slot. Each time you beat the game, you are awarded with different features and minigames.

In addition, there are five playable characters to choose from: Jubei, Oyu, Kotaro, Magoichi and Ekei. Each has their own quest. If you combine that with all of the other hidden nooks and crannies the game has to offer, it should keep you playing for a good while.

The gameplay of “Onimusha 2” is as follows: you have a sword and you swing it at things like soldiers, monsters and demons. Pretty simple, but there is also a magic system, a money system and items that you must make use of if you want to survive.

This game also continues the “Onimusha” tradition of sucking up the souls of defeated enemies for extra health, magic or weapon enhancement. As for the controls, they might take some time to get used to for newcomers, but players of the previous “Onimusha” will feel right at home.

One neat thing about “Onimusha 2” that veterans will like is that you can actually revisit areas of the original “Onimusha.” It’s all the same as it was in the old game, with the exception of new monsters, different events and rooms that are now destroyed. There are also a few returning characters to add a twist.

Overall, “Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny” sports some awesome graphics, neat bosses and loads of extras. It does have some minor weakpoints, however.

There is only one village in the whole game. Normally this would be okay, but the thing is, you only get to wander around in it in the beginning of the game. Once you leave the village, any money that you worked hard to accumulate becomes totally useless.

Another complaint I have is the mediocre voice acting. It’s not totally awful, but some of the lines could have been said with a little more “feeling.”

Then, there is this annoying tendency of bosses who just keep coming back. The first time they jump out of nowhere it’s kind of cool, but after the third time it gets irritating.

But, don’t let these minor faults deter you from buying this otherwise great game.

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