Young Band Headed for Stardom

If you’ve tuned into MTV any time in the past few weeks, you’ve most likely come across the band justincase. Their video for the catchy rock/pop tune “Don’t Cry for Us” has been getting major exposure on the network, even appearing on the afternoon staple “Total Request Live.” Although justincase may seem to be another case of overnight success, the singing siblings from Charlotte, N. C. have been working at it for years.

Surprisingly, justincase is made up of Justin Tosco, age 19, and his younger siblings, Nick, 17, and Hannah, 16. Growing up as the children of a guitarist and a piano teacher, the Tosco children were always surrounded by a diverse range of music. The talented trio has been playing together for years, citing parties and talent shows as their first gigs.

However, it wasn’t until 1998 that the band decided to truly pursue their musical careers. At this point, they worked through school while performing at various festivals, talent shows and even winning numerous “Battle of the Bands” competitions. Additionally, they were finalists for a national songwriting contest, “Five Live Search,” sponsored by Teen People Magazine and Warner Brothers Records. Within a very short period of time, the trio developed a following of devoted fans in the Southeast, helping them gain exposure in magazines and on various Internet sites.

As the buzz about the young band grew, they recorded a demo and performed at record company showcases across the country. However, it was the EAT’M Music Conference in Las Vegas that changed their lives, as justincase was introduced to an unknown singer at the time, Michelle Branch. She immediately befriended the band and once she was signed to Maverick Records, presented her friends to the record company. Maverick immediately snatched up the band, allowing them to record their debut album.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as the Foo Fighters and Athenaeum, justincase began recording their debut album in early 2002, which is scheduled for release on Oct. 29. The self-titled album features 11 tracks co-written by lead singer and guitarist Justin. During this time, he was given the opportunity to write with many renowned industry professionals, including Greg Wells, John Shanks and Michelle Branch. Branch actually co-wrote their chart-climbing single “Don’t Cry for Us” and even makes a special appearance on the album, lending her vocals to the track entitled “Without You.”

In reality, justincase possesses something that most other artists in the industry today seem to lack. Each member is distinctively original, but together Justin, Nick and Hannah form an amazing whole. Their music shines above the masses, illustrating life with an unprecedented honesty. It’s hard to believe that it’s only their first endeavor, as they possess maturity and polish well beyond their ages. In a world of comparisons, it’s hard to avoid noticing them, but for justincase, their sound is completely their own. However, fans of the likes of Michelle Branch, BBMak and John Mayer should definitely take notice of justincase, as their music is a similar guitar-driven, melodic pop-rock.

With the release of their debut album less than a month away, justincase will be appearing at various events across the country. Their original sound, catchy melodies and exuberant youthfulness that could propel them into superstardom.

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