Alcohol Brings Consequences for athletes

As part of the University’s drug and alcohol policy, athletes were mandated to attend a one-hour seminar in the Residence Village yesterday.

Team coaches required all student-athletes to attend the seminar that attempted to make athletes aware of the consequences of their actions concerning alcohol and drug use.

However, not everyone agreed that the seminar should have been mandatory.

“My goal is to have students feel that alcohol and other drug education is a part of their college experience because they want to acquire knowledge, not because they are forced,” Lucy Pesce, seminar leader and associate director of Student Life, said.

One of the main issues discussed at the event was the biological effects of alcohol on athletes.

After a person drinks they are dehydrated, have a slower reaction speed and sweat excessively. This especially affects athletes because they have to be on the field and ready to play; their performance cannot be hindered by alcohol.

The Athletic Department at St. John’s has a zero tolerance policy and any athlete that disregards the policy will be reprimanded.

Team members are given random drug tests during the year and if they test positive parents are notified within 24 hours.

In addition, they must enroll for counseling and are re-tested every month until their career at St. John’s is finished.

If an athlete tests positive for drugs or alcohol no more than three times they are suspended from the team for 12 months and lose their scholarship and athletic aid.

The team member can apply for reinstatement after one year.

The seminar’s main objective was to help athletes understand the dangers of excessive drinking and how it affects their lives as athletes.

The Alcohol and Athletes seminar was the first major event pertaining to Alcohol Awareness Week. There will be various events dealing with alcohol awareness this week throughout campus.