Library Opening

The library opened its newly constructed Academic Commons Nov. 11.

The opening, considered unofficial, was done to accommodate students. The official opening ceremony for the new library wing has not yet been scheduled.

“[The unofficial] opening was great,” Barbara Applebee, director of Library Services for the Queens Campus, said. “Students found their way into the library and it was full.”

The new library consists of a new honors lounge and a reserved area for graduate students.

Caragh DeLuca, who is on the advisory board for the library, has gotten a committee together to discuss what students are looking for in the new facility.

“We met for the first time this year,” DeLuca said. “The advisory group has been put together so the library can be conformed to what the students want.

“The opening was very successful. There were people all over and the group rooms were full,” she added.

The students were very impressed with the new facility.

“It is a lot nicer than the rest of the library. I think we need to renovate the rest,” said graduate student Ariana Raynis. “This area is a better environment.”

The entire first floor is in the works of being renovated. Meetings for these renovations have already started.