Student Leader: Caragh Deluca

If she had her choice, this young woman would rather jam over a hot stove, and cook up some delicious creation to share with those she holds closest to her heart. Her dish of choice? A delectable plate of mouth-watering cheesecake. “I have been baking since I was 12. I don’t get to do it as much as I used to, but I always love the challenge of new recipes.”

You probably think I just interviewed that infamous, apple-cheeked chef, Betty Crocker, but guess who I’m talking about-a star student leader of SJU, Caragh DeLuca!

A graduate of Long Island’s William Floyd High School, DeLuca’s criteria in her college selection was based upon her well-adjusted suburban lifestyle. “I liked the idea of being close to the city without being in the city. Also it was my chance to be away from home without being too far away. I am only an hour away from home, and St. John’s was opening their new resident halls the semester in which I would be starting.”

In the end, DeLuca had applied to six schools with one university serving as her “safety net.” Her final choice was between St. John’s and Pace University, nestled in the heart of Manhattan. SJU emerged as the winner. She says, “I decided that St. John’s was the better choice.”

DeLuca, a fourth year accounting major in the B.S./M.S. program, has not only excelled in her studies, but is involved in other campus activies, as well. She is currently involved in a host of activities, including the President’s Society, and A.C.H.I.E.V.E., a leadership honors society in which she serves as vice president.

DeLuca’s most valued organization, however, is Student Government, Inc.

She remembers, “One of my suitemates from my freshman year was involved in Student Government and her and the former president encouraged me to join. I didn’t quite know what to expect at first, but I really came to love the organization.”

DeLuca appreciates the arena the organization provides for diverse groups of students to gather and share a variety of opinions and ideas. She has made numerous contacts within the University that have made it possible for her to pursue involvement in other campus activities.

DeLuca serves as the Academic Affairs Chairperson, as well as the Senior Representative for the University’s Tobin College of Business.

DeLuca someday hopes to find a full-time auditing position in one of Long Island’s large accounting firms, while still remaining close to home. She says, “I love being close to my family and I always loved Long Island.”

Besides moving on to a successful career after graduation, DeLuca wants SJU to remember her as being a fair and just member of the University’s community-especially when it comes to her roles in Student Government.

“Many times there are votes on the floor and organizations don’t always receive the outcome that they want,” she said. “I like that having voting power with Student Government forces me to make decisions that aren’t always popular but are right and fair. It has really taught me to be true to myself and make decisions that I can live with and decisions that I think are fair.”

DeLuca has one wish for her fellow students at St. John’s. “Make sure whatever decisions you make, as a student leader and as a person, it is one that you know is right both in your heart and your mind. Doing so, you can never truly be wrong.”