Life in the Residence Halls

Our first semester is quickly coming to an end. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was lugging everything but the kitchen sink in the pouring rain during that muggy Memorial Day weekend, better known as “Move In Day.” We are counting down the very last days of the first semester. My window of slacking off is closing progressively each day. Time flies when you are having fun!

When time isn’t flying, it is usually when I am in my room studying that endless chapter of philosophy. Also, when I wake up for my nine o’clock class and I am still waiting for the shower at 8:50, then I can feel my heart pounding and my chest heaving with anxiety. However, one nice thing about college is that most teachers either don’t know that you exist, or don’t care if you are late, but if they do, watch out!

“Attendance rules apply.”

Once I return to my secure house over break, I will finally be able to afford laundry and I will not be forced to spend excessive money on replenishing my socks supply. Is there a sock thief in this school? Whenever I fold my laundry after wasting $10 just to dry a pair of jeans, I notice that I have no matching pairs of socks left, but I know that they were there when I put them in the hamper.

Other people know what I am talking about because every now and then, as my mind wanders in management class, I notice that other students have trouble matching their socks correctly. At first, it can be assumed that they are either colorblind or lack fashion sense, but then I realized that the sock thief struck again. Attention dorm students: Lock up all your hampers and be cautious of any suspicious looking sock wearers!

Another luxury that I can enjoy when I finally return home is that I can actually eat high quality, nutritious food because at home there are the four basic food groups: fruits/vegetables, meat, dairy and bread. At St. John’s there are the four basic food groups, but they are more concise since we lack the cash these days: macaroni and cheese, PB and J, Ramen Noodles, and either Ben & Jerry’s or beer, depending on the mood. As much as you may grow sick of these meals over time, where if you see another bowl of Ramen Noodles you will blow chunks, on a lighter note, beer is always great. This is because by the third or fourth beer, you can’t even taste it.

The better the beer, the better the taste, the better the effect: a college slogan to live by.

When I go home for break, I know I will miss everyone, but as much as I would love to spend the holidays at St. John’s, I can’t bear to be put through the torture of a midnight fire drill on Christmas Eve in 20-degree weather! Have a great holiday!