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We Don’t Have Enough Spirit to be Holier Than Thou

Whether you’re at a football or basketball game, a swim meet or a school play, there are students everywhere. They’re out supporting their fellow students in large numbers, many of them wearing school colors and huge smiles.

If you thought I was talking about St. John’s, you’re wrong. Ideally, that’s what an SJU event would be like. However, that’s not the case.

There are plenty of students who claim have school spirit. The only problem is that the definition seems to only include men’s basketball. Although it’s great to see so many people cheering the team on, there are plenty of other sports and school programs that could use some support. It’s easy to support a team that is known for doing well, but I think that in order to be a truly dedicated Red Storm fan, it takes a little more than that.

I’ve been to plenty of football games at Da Silva Field and, trust me, these hardcore Red Storm fans weren’t anywhere in sight. It’s not like there weren’t enough seats. Students are an important element at a game. They need to be there to shout their encouragement to the players. Our football games could get so quiet that it was possible to forget that anyone was there at all.

With the opening of Belson Soccer Stadium this past September, there was the potential for soccer games to be packed every time. At first, there were students everywhere who made their presence known loud and clear throughout the duration of the game. That environment didn’t last beyond the opening game. Some fans who continued to show up, but there definitely could have been more. A team that was ranked number one in the nation for five weeks shouldn’t have problems finding people to fill the stands.

Another sport severely lacking student support is women’s basketball. When I walked into Alumni Hall to see the women play Syracuse University, I couldn’t believe how few people were actually there. You could have fit every person who was in the stands on to one Q46. Is it really possible that practically every student from St. John’s had plans or too much schoolwork that night? Or, is it just that they couldn’t be bothered?

Of course, it’s not just sports teams who aren’t getting the support they deserve. It’s ridiculous that when the Chappell Players put on a show or when the Mixed Chorus holds a concert that every single seat isn’t filled. The Little Theatre isn’t the Impossible to Fill Theatre. Quality shows are taking place right on campus. People are given a great chance to see some of the amazing talents that St. John’s students have.

The students who play on a team, put on a show or even work on a campus event put in a great deal of time and effort. Other students should be out there supporting them.

If you’re a true St. John’s fan, you should be out wearing your red and white at as many games and organizations’ events as possible. Granted, no one can go to all of the games and campus events. Even so, it shouldn’t be too hard to support more than just men’s basketball.

Let’s try something new this semester. Let’s all make more of an effort to show our fellow classmates that we care about what they’re doing and that we appreciate their work. Let’s show other schools that we really do have school spirit and 16,000 hardcore Queens Campus Red Storm fans to prove it.

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