‘B’ ready for a destined upcoming rap star

A new artist has emerged and hip-hop better be ready for his arrival. He’s not only a fresh face to the industry but a breath of fresh air. His music has a unique style and flow that sets him apart from any other M.C. in the game. His name is Frank B.

Brooklyn is where 20-year-old Frank B. calls home and hip-hop is what he calls his passion. He is not just a rapper but a true lyricist. The difference, you might ask, is that a lyricist rhymes from the heart and expresses feeling with every spoken word. Frank B.’s lyrics clearly demonstrate the raw talent that he possesses and the strong outlook that he has on life.

He is also known for his metaphoric style of writing. For example, these are some excerpts from his freestyles: “Just to get this money clean is an everyday battle/ I find myself washing tons but I’m not from Seattle” and ” I feel I’m passed my time like an expired meter/ had to make some short stops so I hired Jeter.” On a more serious note, he also writes about important issues in life and the obstacles that you have to go through to achieve your dream. “Sometimes I ask myself am I scared of success/ can I bare this distress/ I’m shootin’ for the top and I’ll be damned if it’s less.”

Those excerpts are just a small taste of how gifted and creative this young artist really is.

Within the music industry, Frank B. has already started to create a contagious buzz. People such as Guru, who he has said is his inspiration, Wyclef, P. Diddy, members of Terra Squad and Wu Tang, just to name a few, have all heard his music and have given him props and an extra push to get to the top.

Frank B. can also be heard on 107.5 where Wendy Williams has been known to air a one mintue introduction that he recorded for her.

Frank B. has a self-tittled CD out that is a compilation of his newest freestyles. A promotion team will be around Queens, including the SJU campus, handing out his CD, so be on the look out.

You can also hear his freestyles by visiting his website: www.frankieborganizedrhyme.com. Organized Rhyme is the name of his corporation. When you hear Organized Rhyme think Frank B., and, when you hear Frank B., think “one of a kind.”

In addition to his many freestyles, Frank B. has completed 17 tracks and is still going strong. His next goal is to finish his album, which should be released some time this year.

Frank B. has traveled a long bumpy road to get where he is and the journey is not over. His passion and love for music is what keeps him striving and soon it will be all worth it. So, remember his name, Frank B. Love him or hate him, he’s here to stay.