France: Oil for Peace

I like the French. I studied their language for six years. I visited their country. I have enjoyed their cuisine (namely French fries, French onion dip, French salad dressing and French toast). I respect their love of life and their dedication towards preserving the French culture.

Recently, the French have come under high scrutiny for opposing the United States on the Iraq dilemma. President Chirac and his party should be commended for their pursuit of peace in a century all too scarred by war, as the French ambassador to the United Nation, Jean-Marc De la Sabliere, has mentioned time and time again.

However, the sale of refrigerator trucks (which can be used to transport chemical and biological weapons) and also certain chemicals to Iraq should be considered suspect at the least. After France’s token involvement in Operation Desert Storm they have been definite allies to the Iraqi’s. When Iraq refused to let American inspectors into the country, France agreed. When the U.S imposed economic sanctions on Iraq for breaking U.N resolutions, the French protested. France is Iraq’s number one trade partner, followed by Russia and Egypt respectively.

Would it be a stretch in saying that the French are protecting their own economic interests while sacrificing the security of the entire world? I don’t think it would.