Letters from the community

To the Editor:

I am a 1969 Law Review graduate of St. John’s Law School. In the Torch’s above-the-fold article, “Heading for War,” Brother Shamus McGrenna is “sick” over how America is “perceived in terms of our image in the world.” Stuff the melodramatics. Those who worry about perception and image should try their hand at reality. Then there are [others interviewed] who are still in love with the United Nations, the world’s most expensive sandbox.

Grow up, perception, image and United Nations lovers. Step outside your ensconced academia and take a breath of reality. If you’re not ready to kill for the right reasons then be prepared to admit that you’re ready to see a lot of people die for the wrong reasons. So spare me the sanctimonious babble – which is somewhere between balder and dash – for the next Washington Square rally.

Lawrence N. Gray, Esq.

Kings Park, N.Y.