Room Selection Process

The first words that come to mind when discussing the room selection process are confusing, unorganized, and extensive. This is not only because of deadlines, but also the limitations and lack of housing choices.

Each year there are changes and an increase in room and board charges, prompting many students to look for housing off campus, which is not only sometimes cheaper but also less of a hassle.

A lot of students feel more attention is placed on recruiting more residents rather than taking care of present residents. Many residents feel this way because things that they’ve grown accustomed to this year are being changed next year. For instance, Century, O’ Connor and Briarwood Halls are the only two buildings that will be available for single room selection. Next year, both Donovan and Hollis will be designated for incoming freshman while in other resident halls’ rooms that were formerly doubles will be converted into triples. I fear the living spaces will be more uncomfortable because of those changes.

Although residents received a well-organized packet, it doesn’t help when there is a lack of choices and the deadlines are close together. This contributes to anxiety in students like me who are sometimes confused by the swiftness and overwhelming nature of this whole process.

The deadlines should be further apart and students should have the deposit request mailed to both their home and dorm addresses. Students should also be given the opportunity to attend a of question and answer session about the housing selection process before it begins.

There are a lot of students who are happy and want to continue living on campus but in order to keep them here there must be more options.

The housing process can be improved by extending room selection, by not just giving a packet, but also by having a forum to discuss the procedures and by leaving more housing options open for residents. Whether or not the University is trying to make more money and is trying to attract more residents, the current residents should be taken care of first and should be given comfortable housing. In order for residents to keep coming back year after year there must be a more standardized and helpful room process each year.