Costly question: What am i gonna wear?

The weather is getting chilly, and the leaves have gotten crispy. All of a sudden you see those goofy-grinned jack-o-lanterns everywhere, so it can only mean one thing: Halloween is here!

Arguably the best commercial holiday of the year, it can also be a very stressful one. Coming up with Halloween-worthy costumes is hard and can really sting a college student where it hurts the most: the purse (or wallet).

But not to worry. There are plenty of costume ideas staring you right in the face that. Some may seem corny, but that’s okay because they are very cheap and very convenient.

So here are three ideas that may tickle your fancy.

For Halloween you should be…

The Ghosts of Seasons Past

They don’t tell you this in Orientation, but 15 years ago the University Center was the sight of the bloodiest, most horrendous acts of violence of the Northeast.

Hunter Mann, a biology major and avid SJU b-ball fan, fell in love for the first time during his final year at St. John√ØøΩs. The love of his life was the beautiful Lyena Steal, a fourth-year psychology major who not only weasled her way into Hunter’s heart, but settled herself in his gullible mind. She knew Hunter inside out: what made him tick; what eased his mind; and what would push Hunter over the edge.

Why would one devote so much time to such an empty, one-sided relationship? It was all a big ‘science project’ for Lyena, who was preparing for graduate school the following year; her thesis: ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love?’

To make a long story short, Hunter learned of Lyena√ØøΩs cruel intentions and confronted her one night after a meeting on the 2nd floor of the U.C. Needless to say, Hunter was very hurt and lost his cool when Lyena tried to explain herself. He ended up killing the girl that he thought he loved, as well as himself. To this day, Hunter and his love still haunt the rooms of the U.C., annually replaying Lyena’s death three weeks before the basketball season’s opener.

Makes an interesting story, huh? Well guess what? It makes an even better low-budget Halloween costume for you and your love– the Ghosts of Seasons Past.


– SJU paraphernalia

– Black pants

– 1 Red shirt

– 1 Red wig (optional)

The Lawsuit

Law students: the self-proclaimed martyrs of SJU. They pay the most money for their educations and get the least amount of perks and administrative sympathy.

However, you elite few who are students of St. John’s Law were not always the anxious bookworms one sees roaming that far side of campus today; you too were once members of the carefree, undergraduate population. Deep down, your dormant fun genes are just bursting to get break loose and what better time than on Halloween?

The Torch is to the rescue! Because you guys are law students, that also makes you a) poor and b) uptight. So, here is a solution to your problem that is sweet to the pocket and will not shock your fragile systems. And you will still possess that particular air of dignity you pride yourselves in having.

This idea is courtesy of Denzel Washington√ØøΩs character in the Oscar-winning film ‘Philadelphia’. It’s not too radical for you, and it still keeps you in that academic mindset for Monday.


– 1 suit

– 1marker

– Legal pad paper

– Tape

The Super Senior

You’ve been here forever, and you don’t know when (or if) you’ll ever graduate. You are a Super Senior, and although the word ‘super’ implies greatness and superiority, let’s be honest; you hate your life!

You’ve been registering for undergraduate classes for what seems like an eternity, and when you finally do get out, you have no idea what to do with your long-sought-after philosophy degree.

This Halloween, Super Senior, The Torch challenges you to embrace your depression and wear that double ‘S’ proudly. And for those of you who aren’t fifth-, sixth-, or even seventh-year seniors, this is a great low-budget costume filled with oh-so-much symbolism in its simple wardrobe.


– 1 Black shirt

– Black pants

– Construction paper

– Scissors

– Tape