Graft within SGI

Fr. Harrington’s comments dominated Monday’s Student Governmentmeeting, but those present were also treated to a stern rebuke ofStudent Government at the hands of members of the Residence HallAssociation. In our opinion, it has been a long time coming.

RHA’s complaint was straightforward. After long and contentiousdebate, SGI voted to give themselves free passes to RHA’s Snowballparty, on the grounds that SGI’s co-sponsorship, which took theform of funding, merited free passes for all of the members ofStudent Government. According to members of RHA, however, hardlyany SGI members attended the party to show their support.

Not only did Student Government engage in wholesale graft, theydid not even have the decency to attend the event. The thinjustification that RHA’s use of Student Government funds entitlesSGI representatives to free passes only further emphasizes thearistocratic attitude that pervades the organization. StudentGovernment funding is collected from all students, not just thosefew who claim to represent us. The allocation of those funds is forthe general good, not part of an insulting quid pro quo to benefitthe select membership of the SGI.

Now more than ever, Student Government needs to realize that itis a representative body, not a club for promoting personalgain.