Gianna Frederique

I entered St. John’s as a freshman in 2000. The schoolenvironment was to some extent different from my high schoolbecause I went to a small all-girl Catholic school. This factormade me fearful about entering a large university.

Although initially I was skeptical about coming to thisuniversity, I quickly adjusted to the fast pace of college life.St. John’s is a place where I was able to find friendly people inthe classrooms and around campus.

To my surprise, freshman year I was able to get a decentaverage. However, although I did well in school, I did not have amajor. I toyed with several different ideas until one day my deansuggested taking a course in legal studies. I was fascinated withthe course and decided to continue on. In the end, I made legalstudies my major.

I was fortunate enough to find my fair share of excellentprofessors. These professors have not only taught me thingspertaining to books, but they have also taught me to be theresponsible young adult that I am today.

I also took my fair share of English courses that were requiredfor the legal studies major. I ultimately decided that I alsoenjoyed English, which soon became my minor. One can conclude thatwithout my dean, I may not have found what I wanted to do in thefuture, and that is what St. John’s has offered me.

At this time I am applying to law school. However, if for somereason I do not attend law school in the fall, I know that with mydiploma from St. John’s I’ll have the options of furthering myeducation and going out to the job market.

I believe St. John’s is a fine institution, and I hope for itssuccess in the future.


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