SGI at a Glance:

Executive Board
President: Louis Saavedra
Vice President: Rich Masana
Secretary: Jihan Allen
Treasurer: Oscar Londono

Senior Senator: Edwin Llera
Junior Senator: Alvina Lee
Sophomore Senator: Steven Szczesny

P.O.W.E.R. (Political Opportunity with Equal Representation) isdetermined to accomplish the following objectives throughout the2004-2005 school year. These goals serve to benefit the wholestudent body and improve the people’s government. The followingpoints are essential in creating a proactive, creative anddistinctly Vincentian spirit in the St. John’s community:

1) Taking a proactive role in bridging the gap betweenadministration and the St. John’s University student body.

2) To reconstruct a competent and proficient structure gearedtowards a higher quality of campus life for both resident andcommuter students.

3) Motivating, educating and training our student leaders andorganizations through leadership conferences and workshops.

4) Commitment to academic honor and excellence for our studentbody and organizations.

5) Rededicate Student Government, Inc. to the Vincentian missionof St. John’s University.

Message from the President
“We believe that St. John’s is not for school but for life. We arenot here to make unrealistic goals but to make a government thatworks and that can benefit all people. We are here to make resultswithout empty promises.”
-Louis Saavedra

VISION! 2004
Executive Board
President: Christopher Coes
Vice President: Shelly Garcia
Secretary: Priya Shah
Treasurer: Frank Jerome

Junior Senator: Shawn Murray
Sophomore Senator: Marri Kajfez

Vision ticket started out as group of students sitting around atable asking themselves, “What can we do to make St. Johns betterthan what we have today?” With the philosophy of “Your Vision isOur Vision,” they believe the way to take on the issues and createa St. Johns that everyone can call their own is by uniting as onebody with one voice, achieving one Vision. What is this Vision?It’s one that everyone can relate to:

1) The Vision of a world-class academic culture that preparesstudents for the 21st century and beyond.

2) The Vision of a more unified student body and inclusiveSGI.

3) The Vision of a student-led Vincentian culture both home andaboard.

4) The Vision a true pride and spirit for Greek Life andAthletics.

5) The Vision of more diverse and accessible opportunities forthe entire St. John’s community.

Message from the President
“We accept the challenge to do what the student body has wanted toget done over the years. We are ready for the obstacles that willlead to the student body’s collective success in achieving theirvision, thus our Vision too would be achieved.”
-Christopher Coes