The community speaks

To the Editor:

I was greatly appalled when I saw an advertisement from TheBacchus Peer Educators for a Safe Spring Break. The posted stated”Don’t Get Caught… Sexual Assault [,] Predatory Drugs [,] Regret[,] Indecent Exposure” etc. The message I got from this poster wasnot to avoid such actions but just make sure you don’t get caughtdoing them. How is that for a Safe Spring Break? Instead ofpromoting nonviolence, drug prohibition, etc. it seemed as if theBacchus Peer Educators were just promoting to avoid being foundout. I hope this was not the message that our students took withthem to Spring Break. It is definitely not a message I think thatsupports a valuable, conscientious, and safe learning environmentin our university.


Alison Cochrane
Government and Politics Dept.
Adjunct Professor