The Schooling of the West Versus the Rest

The Ignoble Savage?

I love my mother. We argue more than an old married couple but Ilove her. This morning’s discourse involved Him. The last words asshe delivered the kiss goodbye belonged to her daughter.”Spirituality shall not include institutionalized religion.” A blurof yellow mass approached and similar to a wolf, a howl wasexpressed to make its presence felt.

The faceless bus driver closed the door sharply at my feet. Asusual familiar visages put forth greetings. I exchanged a high fivewith Patrice. His dark auburn complexion lit up as bright as ahalogen after he would smile. Our jockeying for top position inclass resembled The Rumble in the Jungle. Despite these academicbattles our relationship was surprisingly high quality.

Two more acquaintances said their hellos. Jacques and Esmereldawere twins. Peas in a pod, the black and white cookie, light anddark chocolate provided an accurate illustration for theselook-alikes. They shared one room but never the same roles. Therewas indeed dissimilarity. Jacques took French class and his sisterwas enrolled in Spanish. Wearing what looked like a cherry andcerulean colored shirt from 1804; Jacques reminded the world thathe was born first.

Anyhow who could forget Kayode? He did not know my name but thebrother recognized my face. We shared brushes and markers inaccelerated Art. My dream was to stop time with this crimsoncolored, brunette haired artistic intellect. He possessed qualitiesunseen by a boy from a rural town. After escaping this reverie,reality hit. The right side was filled to capacity. A glance to theleft presented a rigid feeling.

I edged slowly towards the rear void of anticipation. The onlyvacancy was far away and seemed unreachable. In rear, captain ofevery Wolves varsity team at De las Casas High sat alone. Wesleywas known throughout history for claiming his place wherever thesun would shine. I didn’t see him initially but his power spoke involumes.

Wes began shooting out slurs and racial epitaphs. These wordspierced my entire body like knives going through the thinnest oftracing papers. I stood the entire way to school, because Wes saidso. The veil of an absent villain cloud’s a hero’s vision. My eyesbattled emotions and did not allow the fleeing of my tears.

The Noble Savage

I sat on this vehicle awaiting travel. Gazing through the windowmemories of grand history appeared.

For years my people dominated. They were Wolves who conqueredall courts and fields. Our offense was not comparable to the rest.We do not take no for an answer. After escaping the trance,students began to pile in. The bizarre lined up on the right. Theregular took the correct position by settling in on the left. Mikedrives a Saab and Killer pushes an Audi, but today they occupiedforeign land.

I hate the twins. Nobody wears clothes like that. They aredifferent. This artsy freak came on after them. There is somethingwrong with the kid. Who would draw pictures instead of play ball?He is different. Cardinal O’Clinton preaches on differences everySunday. She then walked on the bus possessing a rock star likeswagger. Each morning I would dread evaluating her amazing beauty.Fantasies of this heathen’s body clogged my mental. She wasdifferent. I think she was Indian or African or something.

My slouch disappeared, creating a better view. In a momentsnotice the simple girl stood next to me. Her expectations for theseat were high. “Stand up and hold the chair!” I devised a new wayto ride the bus. She was obligated to do so because I said so.Before she could think of opposition my voice took vicious charge:”This seat is taken!”

The bus ceased movement ahead of the lawn adjacent to De lasCasas High School. As the young minds bustled out, chaos prowledlike a pack of wolves. Wesley came tumbling to the ground. Thenoble savage felt defeated. Above him stood a faceless young lady.A moment of newfound confusion was born. She was different.