A British import worth buying

Much like top rapper 50 Cent, James Blunt has also been shot at numerous times. However, unlike 50, he has thankfully dodged all shots. This talented British artist used his experience serving in the British army in Kosovo as the inspiration for one of ten absolutely amazing tracks, “No Bravery” on the album Back to Bedlam. However, his experience in Kosovo is only one muse in this multifaceted and just plain charming album.

James Blunt is a 27- year-old musician fresh from the United Kingdom. He comes from a long line of military men. He excelled in boarding school in math and science; he attained a pilot license at the age of 16, and even attained the ranking of captain while serving in the British army.

However, despite his obvious talent in the military field, it was always Blunt’s father’s ambition, not his own. His heart belonged to music, and Blunt was known as quite the musician, even on the battlefield. His signature trademark was having not only a gun strapped to the side of his tank, but also his guitar. You could hear him coming as he sang songs of peace as he marched alongside his comrades. Eventually, after much effort, he was able to leave the military and finally pursue his true passion, music.

This was a great choice for a career change. James Blunt utilizes a wide array of instruments that include an acoustic and electric guitar, a piano, an organ, a 12-string guitar (which in its own respect takes an amazing amount of skill to play), a Wurlitzer, and the Rhodes, all played by Blunt alone. He also has a very unique and amazing voice that is absolutely entrancing and has a slight raspy touch to it. It gives his voice an amazing sound without that airy quality that a lot of singers like John Mayer have. In the end, he is able to combine all these elements into a series of beautiful yet amazingly simple songs.

His lyrics are all very simple. They contain no perplexing metaphors, just lyrics straight from the heart. In essence, Blunt is an old-soul in a young man’s body. He has gone through a great deal of experiences, including his time in Kosovo, having to leave a friend, being a shoulder to cry on, and even love at first sight.

And somehow he seems completely void of any cynicism that comes with many harsh experiences. In fact, he still has a great lust for life that it is refreshing and invigorating. All of this allows almost anyone to find this album enjoyable.

Highly recommended songs include “No Bravery” and “You’re Beautiful.” “You’re Beautiful” is currently the top song on the UK charts and is slowly becoming a hit here in the US. It is part of the soundtrack of the new film “Undiscovered” and is often played on 106.7 Light FM.

But if you really want the full impact of James Blunt, the album is definitely worth buying. It may be a little hard to find because it is an import CD. That also adds to the price tag, but in all honesty, the album is worth every cent.