See shows and still save

New York is a city filled with entertainment, culture and late night events. Sadly, the wallet of a college student is filled with receipts and stray pieces of lint. So what is a hopeless theatre addict or tourist of the college persuasion to do? Speaking for my people (the show tune singing and empty pocketed kind), it only takes a little searching to find the best seat in the house for the best possible price. Here are some easy ways to feed your obsession without the accompanying guilt:

Go online and are some Web sites offer promotional codes for shows. If you use these sites in conjunction with sites other sites, you can find discount tickets in a general section of seating. You can change your seats as many times as you want, providing that you do not click the ‘buy’ button (think of it as online haggling). You have to charge your purchase to a credit card, but watch what you buy; you can rack up the bills quickly. There is also a surcharge for purchasing tickets online (usually less than $5 dollars).

Check it out

Student Rush- catering specifically to the fiscally challenged student, most theatres offer reduced ticket prices when you present them with your school ID. Be sure to get to the theatre box office before seating starts and bring additional ID just in case. This is the perfect way to take in a spur of the moment show, although it is not always guaranteed that there will be extra tickets.

Hoof it: TKTS Booth

The ticket booths in Times Square and by the South Street seaport hold a certain amount of tickets aside for daily performances (except for matinees, which can only be purchased the day before). This is the best approach for spontaneous show seekers who have no particular play in mind. Just be sure to have your cash in hand, credit cards can be refused.

Sign up

Online Newsletters- find your favorite show or a particular theatre online and get production updates, news and more. Broader searches like or offer information about every show in the current Broadway season. These newsletters will not only update you on special ticket offers (like anniversary shows or group rates), they will also give you information about your favorite performers with pictures or interviews. Most sites include the show synopsis, cast lists and extras like song clips or merchandise. These are always great ways to reach other fans in forums or sign up for contests (and it is completely free!).

Wait and see

On site offers- theatres like the New Victory offer programs where certain blocks of tickets are sold at a reduced rate or membership fees are waived with the purchase of tickets to a certain amount of performances. Some theatres offer standing room only tickets and group rates are also available.