MTA to lower fare

The Metropolitan Transit Authority will cut the base price of Metrocards from two dollars to one dollar on the weekends from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day.

This discount will affect single buyers as well as riders who purchase unlimited weekly or monthly cards. The decision to grant the price break is a result of an estimated $982 million surplus the MTA expects by the year’s end.

This discount is likely to help many commuting college students.

“It would be great for me,” senior Hemal Rathod said. “I take public transportation almost every day between going to school and working in the city.”

Senior Jainy James is also excited about the price break.

“I commute from Long Island everyday and take the bus, so this will really help,” James said.

Even those students who drive to school had good things to say about the holiday discount.

“I drive in from Long Island, so it doesn’t affect me that much,” junior Jon Nieves said. “But my dad goes into the city everyday by train, so it’ll be a nice break for him.”

The discount is also expected to help lure more visitors into Manhattan this holiday season.

“I drive from Brooklyn to St. John’s to go to school, but I will definitely go hang out in the city more often if it’s only going to cost me a dollar,” junior Kevin Garab said

Some students, however, wished the extra money were being spent elsewhere.

“I have an unlimited card to travel to work in the city so it helps me a little,” senior Nurul Khan said, “but I really wish they would put funding into fixing potholes because driving is really rough around Queens and near school.”