In Short

Just when you think the government cannot make larger fools of themselves, they prove us wrong. The newest slip up stems from something you could slip on. The labels on the uniforms of the U.S. Border Patrol agents guarding the Mexican border read, “Made in Mexico.”

Forget dodging border bullets and crawling under or climbing over fences. One can just take the lovely olive green suit and walk right over the thin line between the United States and Mexico. It is an E-Z Pass for illegal immigrants made of cotton.

We might as well just open the borders and let the free flow of illegal immigration ensue.

The uniforms, supplied by VF Solutions of Nashville, Tenn., own plants in Mexico, Canada and the Dominican Republic. Agents have been wearing these uniforms for more than a year.

Inevitably, a new business will soon develop: uniform dealing. Forget being stuffed into a suitcase, just see your local uniform dealer, improve the Mexican economy, and get your ticket into the States.

So now, not only do we need troops patrolling the border, we also need extra agents stationed at the uniform plant keeping an eye on the workers.

Anyone with a pinch of common sense cannot help but ask how this happened in the first place. If you’re trying to keep immigration under control, why set up the plant that manufactures the uniform in the country you’re trying to keep out? House of Representative members are planning to press a measure that would require the uniforms be made in the United States. Gee, why didn’t they think of that one earlier?

So if you see a rise in Mexicans arriving in the U.S. wearing olive green from head to toe, you’ll know why.