Trying to top the men?

There are a lot of ways to describe the Red Storm women’s basketball team: quick, athletic, talented. Jealous, however, does not come to mind.

During the men’s basketball victory over No. 9 ranked Pittsburgh, the women were keeping track and rooting them on.

“We were pumped for the men,” said guard Kia Wright. “We were in the locker room like ‘What’s going on? What’s going on?’ [Because] we couldn’t get out there to see the end of the game.”

Rooting for your college’s teams is a special experience and the women of the basketball team do not miss out just because they play for one of them.

The teams together reflect the state of St. John’s athletics so the women are proud not only of their own victories, but of the victories of St. John’s as a whole.

“Any time both of our programs can win a game, it’s always a plus,” said Greeba Barlow.

Added Kia Wright: “We were like, if they get the win, we are going to have to go out there and get that win too. It’s a good feeling.”

Coach Kim Barnes Arico was especially happy with how the day turned out.

“I said, ‘This is awesome for St. John’s – our men just upset Pitt,” Barnes Arico said. “We have a wonderful opportunity to play a team we haven’t beaten in a long, long time. This could be a special day for St. John’s’ which I think it was: a great day for St. John’s.”



With the Red Storm victory, they break a losing streak against Villanova that dates back to February 19, 2000…The Red Storm improve to 7-0 at home (6-0 at Carnesecca and 1-0 at Madison Square Garden)…Kia Wright’s 21 points ties a season high for her as well as her team this season…Angela Clark missed a double-double by only one point (9 points, 11 rebounds)…Clark also had her streak of scoring in double figures snapped at seven games.