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An overdose of vampires and werewolves

Like many other movie-goers, after seeing the first “Underworld,” I was excited to find out a sequel to one of my favorite movies was coming out. The fact that it was also the number one movie in America just confirmed my thoughts that I had to check it out. However, they say sequels are usually not that good. And sadly to say, they were right.

The beginning of the movie has your eyes fixated on the screen. The visuals are impressive, despite the unchanging blue color of the people, and the action is “right in your face” from the start. Halfway through “Underworld Evolution,” I found out “Underworld” was over-rated.

If you haven’t seen the first movie, don’t waste your time with its sequel. The constant flashbacks are hard to understand if you do not know the story line. The conversations about crossed bloodlines and old rivalries will have you scratching your head.

“Underworld Evolution” seems as if it was made on the assumption that the audience saw the first film at least two times: once when it first came out, and again right before you headed to the movie theatre.

For approximately two hours, the two competing tribes, the vampires and the werewolves (although they are referred to as lycans), go head-to-head in combat, hunting each other down and providing the movie with a couple of good action scenes.

Kate Beckinsale, who plays the star of the movie, does a great job providing the majority of the action scenes as Selene, a vampire heroine. She falls in love with Michael, (played by Scott Speedman), who is a lycan hybrid.

Selene and Michael together go on a mission to find the truth about Selene’s past and kill a couple of creatures on the journey as well. Both run from the completely infuriated super vampire who was revived in the final scene of the first “Underworld.”

After a while, the action seemed to get boring. How many times can you suck the blood out of a person and shoot them with UV ray bullets? On the other hand, the love affair between Selene and Michael brings the movie back to life, to only drain us again after bringing in more vampire-lycan gibberish.

If “Underworld” was to get graded, it would barely pass with a C.

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