Valentine’s Day: His Side

Upon reading the first few paragraphs, you’ll probably think I’m a heartless monster. This is only partly true. Just remember that Valentine’s Day and love can be discussed separately.

Valentine’s Day is a bunch of nonsense. If one needs a specific date to properly showcase their love to their significant others, then there might be a problem. Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday. Offices aren’t closed, classes meet, and mail is delivered. It is a fake celebration designed to suspend revelers upside-down in order to jiggle the last remaining coins from their pockets.

Sappy idiots may view Valentine’s Day as a nice occasion to be romantic. The best way to say “I love you” is obviously through wholly sincere greeting cards and big boxes of calories? Men succumb to this because of the screwed-up tradition that surrounds this faux holiday. We are expected to show affection to our respective lovers and make them our happy Valentines. What schlock.

Let’s say Valentine’s Day held some legitimate substance as a holiday. If this was the case, does it cheapen the rest of the time spent together in the relationship? If adoration is fully expected on that one day, where is the love during the other 364 days of the year?

Valentine’s Day metaphorically represents all that is wrong between human relationships. If you have to find one day a year to be cordial and fully illustrate your love through candy and flowers, then perhaps your current other half should not even be your valentine. Romance and love are not about focally targeting one square on the calendar. If one truly loves another, then that sentiment is timeless.

In my humble (but usually deadly accurate) opinion, Valentine’s Day is a complete sham. It is far more meaningful to shower a lover in gifts on a random day just because, than to force it because Hallmark has a quota to meet.

A true love is a Valentine everyday, regardless of what the silly calendar says.